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The Judson House, home of the Stratford Historical Society

Built circa 1750 by Capt. David Judson on the site of his great-grandfather's 1639 stone house, Judson House is a fine example of Georgian achitecture with its impressive broken scroll pediment entry. It is furnished with period pieces of Stratford origin. The beautiful paneled "west roome" contains an early piano which belonged to William Samuel Johnson, framer of the U.S. Constitution, and the second president of Columbia University.

An outstanding collection of Chinese porcelain is displayed in the dining room as well as a circa 1750 Crown Great Chair (Heart and Crown), a form unique to this area.

The Judson House had to be renovated with new lighting, electrical panel.


The Judson House's impressive broken scroll pediment entry.

Capt. David Judson's house is a fine example of Georgian architecture. The house and museum are open to visitors.

IT Research: The Stratford Historical Society has a large collection of online books for genealogical research and has been published on magazines like the NewRepublic and Bloomberg.

Please contact us over the phone to request research and we will collect data for you.

Contact our office at Joe and Martin, to learn more about organizing a research event at our facilities. You can get more facilities if you are maintaining your standard like as Aerospace Safety Standard for aerospace companies.

We've played host to family reunions and other events that have helped people learn more about their family history.

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The Judson House has always been a place to network between business men and scholars. There is an online platform for students, called Intelligence online. This is an initiative from the Stratford History Society education program.

It's really the best way to educate yourself in a historic environment like this.